Sophie’s House, Weston Road

This is a house for our client’s daughter and her partner in the garden of their own house. The house has a north/south aspect and is passively energy efficient. The orientation allows us to have a well insulated north facing wall with thin full height glazed panels to minimise heat loss. Conceptually this wall is intended to read as an extension of the garden wall boundary, through which one enters into a ‘secret garden’…..

Castle Donington

An attractive Edwardian House had been ruined by unfortunate extensions applied to the rear and the side of the building. Our clients took the bold decision to demolish these areas and replace them with better quality extensions that would improve the aesthetics and function of the house.

We felt it was important not to destroy the character of the original building, one of a pair which made an important contribution to the conservation area….

Potter Street

Potter Street, Melbourne

Our clients purchased a Grade 2 Listed thatched cottage with a sunny but long and thin, rear garden.

The cottage had limited space, and was cold, damp and expensive to heat. As a consequence, previous tenants had not stayed long and the building was neglected. Improving the thermal performance was difficult as a result of the buildings listed status, which ruled out insulating the walls and installing double glazing…….

Porch Extension

Our clients’ front door opened directly into their kitchen. They wanted a porch, but, in their own words, “an interesting one”.

We looked at the house and the garden. There was an interesting view which the house design failed to capture, and an attractive tree on the front lawn.

We designed the porch to frame the new view with an angled wall opening up the space until it was big enough to fit a dining table….

‘The Bowl’

‘The Bowl’

 We were invited to look at what could be done with a huge bowling green in Hornscroft Park, Bolsover.

Unused for nine years, the green was becoming a problem to local residents as an informal gathering place for anti-social behaviour.

Working with Mary Wardle, a landscape designer, we proposed cutting gently sloping terraces into the green space. Edged with railway sleepers each terrace created an edge to sit on and an outdoor amphitheatre for formal or informal use within which 2000 people could gather.

Formerly known as 'Derek Trowell Architects' our practice has recently changed name to reflect changes in ownership and management although the day-to-day running of the business remains largely the same.

We are a team of architects and designers based in the historic market town of Wirksworth in Derbyshire.

Our portfolio is varied with large and small projects across a range of market sectors.

We believe that every project can be special and should exceed the expectations of our clients.

As well as architecture, we are involved in landscape design, interior design and community projects.

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