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Wards shoe shop, Chesterfield

Our client was set to open a new store for their growing business within a shopping centre in Chesterfield. The time period between getting the keys and opening before Christmas was 2 weeks and so the programme was tight!

The fixtures and fittings were carefully planned, pre-fabricated and installed within the 2 week 'window' and the shop opened as planned. We think it looks great which is testament to the workmanship of local contractor H.A.Briddon Ltd. and the organisation of the client.

Park Lane

An attractive Edwardian House had been ruined by unfortunate extensions to the rear and side so our clients took the bold decision to demolish these and replace with a better quality addition that would improve the aesthetics and function of the house. We felt it was important not to destroy the character of the original building, one of a pair, which made an important contribution to the conservation area.

We decided to continue the theme of brick boundary walls along the street to create a gated entrance and hidden courtyard. Behind this courtyard a narrow, two storey link joins the main extension, which returns to present a gable to the street. This allows the extension to read as a separate building to the main house and thereby preserving its double-fronted character.

Interior Design

We always design the interior of our projects as we find it impossible to consider any building as ‘just a shell’. It is the interior detail which is often most important to our clients as this is the bit that they use! We have also been involved in some projects which were mainly about interior design, for example a project in Tansley saw the conversion of a former mechanical workshop into a family home.

Working with Listed Buildings

 Listed buildings are always interesting to work with and we have built up considerable experience in this field.

We have worked on many types of listed buildings including, field barns, urban and rural houses, monuments and follies.

We understand the principles of conservation and how to assess the value of a heritage asset and therefore how the balance between conservation and intervention can be crucial to generating re-use.

We also have experience of adding contemporary extensions to listed properties and have won awards for such work.

The Orangery

The Orangery is an interesting building with, as one would expect, lots of glass to a south elevation with wonderful views.

The north elevation however, was somewhat grim and disappointing. A major irritation to our clients was a staircase within the main living space and no entrance hall.

We re-configured the floor plan by building an extension which created a proper entrance hall with a new staircase made of oak and glass. In turn this meant that the original stair could be removed which freed up living and dining space internally.