Moot Point

 So called because of our clients self-professed ability to pontificate over design ideas, rather than its proximity to the historic Moot Hall opposite, Moot Point is a new house in the historic Conservation Area of Wirksworth. The house is built along simple, passive and sustainable design principles.

The north facing elevation has few openings and extra insulation has been added. The south facing elevation is highly glazed to maximize solar gain. A conservatory is used to contribute to the heating, with the living and dining spaces opening into it a ground and first floor level. This is particularly effective in spring and autumn. All rainwater is filtered and recycled and timber was specified where allowed to keep construction materials in line with the projects sustainable aims.

Technical Design

We produce fully detailed drawings once Planning and/or Listed Building Consent has been obtained. These drawings cover every aspect of the building including all finishes and materials. We work closely with our clients and ensure that they are fully involved in this process and therefore in control of all aspects of their project. These drawings are required to obtain Building Regulation approval and they also enable contractors to provide a fixed price quotation.