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Wirksworth swimming pool

 Wirksworth swimming pool is a much treasured community facility which is now in need of improvement. The facilities are cramped and access is difficult. There is no space outside the pool for viewing or waiting and this makes it difficult to open up the pool for wider community use.

A brief was drawn up after a public consultation process. An invitation to submit design ideas to extend and improve the pool was then sent to local Architects and we were chosen to help with the project.

The key issues we have addressed are accessibility, wider community use and sustainability.

Our design drawings and sketches are now being used to seek further funds to take the project to the next stage.

‘The Bowl’

 We were invited to look at what could be done with a huge bowling green in Hornscroft Park, Bolsover.

Unused for nine years, the green was becoming a problem to local residents as an informal gathering place for anti-social behaviour.

Working with Mary Wardle, a landscape designer, we proposed cutting gently sloping terraces into the green space. Edged with railway sleepers each terrace created an edge to sit on and an outdoor amphitheatre for formal or informal use within which 2000 people could gather.


 After much hard work, initially on a voluntary basis, a grant was secured from Sport England.. The grant was used to provide a community park.

The fully implemented project will include new play equipment enclosed by dry stone circular walls rather than the usual dreary fences. This will give the scheme a sculptural feel and provide opportunities to utilise local building skills pertinent to Wirksworth.

The first phase is complete which includes a much-used skate park.