Wards shoe shop, Chesterfield

Our client was set to open a new store for their growing business within a shopping centre in Chesterfield. The time period between getting the keys and opening before Christmas was 2 weeks and so the programme was tight!

The fixtures and fittings were carefully planned, pre-fabricated and installed within the 2 week 'window' and the shop opened as planned. We think it looks great which is testament to the workmanship of local contractor H.A.Briddon Ltd. and the organisation of the client.

North View

 Our clients wanted to construct a single story home for themselves, as their current house had become difficult for them to live in. They did not want to leave the village and their friends so hoped to build a suitable dwelling in their garden.

We suggested constructing a building with a mono-pitch roof off two low walls to the boundary. From the neighbours’ perspective, this would be no more invasive than the erection of a fence, which could be erected without planning consent.

The site had complicated planning issues to resolve. These included overlooking problems as well as an awkwardly shaped site. The Planning Authority were very resistant to the idea.

The roof pitch means that we were able to use sedum to create a living roof which is both attractive and thermally very efficient.


Eloise was built in the garden of our client’s parent’s property, so that she would be able to look after them in their old age.

There was initial resistance from the Planning Authority to this idea because the building would create a break in the linear development set deep behind a stone wall which characterised the setting.

Eloise is designed therefore to have the feel of a ‘gatehouse’ which gives a rationale to its setting.

A large glazed south facing atrium is a focal point to the house and maximizes sunlight and views. Externally, earthy coloured render and timber cladding give the house a feel appropriate to it’s garden setting.