29th October 2018
Portfolio update!

 We have updated our online portfolio with some recently completed projects. Two of these can be found in 'Extensions' and one in 'Restorations'.....Also we have added some current projects.

24th June 2018
Recently finished project in Crich…

 Lovely weather to visit a recently completed single storey extension to a stone cottage in Crich, Derbyshire...more photos to follow shortly.

1st March 2018
Snow…and lots of it!
The office has been abandoned for large periods this week because of the snow, apologies. We are picking up e-mails and will answer any voicemails upon our return!
5th September 2017
Further projects added to portfolio

We have added a further 2 projects to our portfolio, an amazing external terrace can be found in 'landscaping' and our 'house in the woods' can be viewed in 'extensions'.

20th August 2017
New projects added!

 We have updated our website to incorporate some recently finished and photographed projects.....

There are 2 new projects in 'Extensions', Sydnope Stand & The Homestead, and 1 in 'Unusual projects'......enjoy!

21st June 2017
Website going live!!!

Welcome to the new website. The format has barely changed but the changes reflect the recent changes in name and ownership. We will be adding some completed projects to the portfolio shortly...