Joe Grey BSC (HONS)

I love working in our studio as we all get the opportunity to work on and have influence on projects of varied nature and size.

Our location inevitably presents us the opportunity to work on interesting and historic buildings. These all have their own unique challenges which I find very interesting.

Sophie’s House

Our clients wanted a fully accessible house for their daughter within the grounds of their existing home.

The design is conceptualized as a walled secret garden, continuing from the existing boundary wall, and forms the north elevation of the new house. The heavily insulated walls are clad on the north side in render and with larch on the south.

Slot glazing minimizes heat loss on all elevations except the southern aspect, which enjoys views over the ‘secret garden’ and access out onto a south-facing patio.

The energy efficient house is fitted with a simple strip of Solar Photovoltaic panels which take full advantage of the near perfect orientation.

Wards shoe shop, Chesterfield

Our client was set to open a new store for their growing business within a shopping centre in Chesterfield. The time period between getting the keys and opening before Christmas was 2 weeks and so the programme was tight!

The fixtures and fittings were carefully planned, pre-fabricated and installed within the 2 week 'window' and the shop opened as planned. We think it looks great which is testament to the workmanship of local contractor H.A.Briddon Ltd. and the organisation of the client.

New Bath Hotel

The New Bath Hotel is something of a hidden gem in Derbyshire, despite several poor quality additions and alterations in the past. The building lay empty for many years since closing and the interiors were left eerily staged as though only recently evacuated.

We took the client’s exacting brief for a high quality hotel and through negotiation with conservation officers, delivered additional spa facilities within the existing footprint, whilst reinstating original features.

The works to the hotel constituted the initial phase of development of the site. A preliminary feasibility study undertaken by us highlighted further opportunities such as the conversion of a barn into a cafe, housing around the tennis court and renovation of indoor and outdoor natural spring water pools, the latter of which are the largest in Britain and make the project unique. We continue to work with the client on the delivery of these additional assets, which will make the hotel truly world class.