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House in the woods

 Our client’s purchased this 1950’s property for its setting despite their dislike for the house itself! We worked with them to develop a scheme involving substantial extensions and structural alterations as well as landscape interventions. The side extension houses a generous, top-lit, open-plan kitchen and dining area whilst the rear extension provides a comfortable master bedroom suite with a private rooftop terrace overlooking the woodland setting that originally ‘sealed the deal’!

The Homestead

 A fast flowing watercourse that runs past the house provided an interesting challenge to what was otherwise a fairly straightforward brief! Our response was a glass-enclosed ‘floating’ bridge over the watercourse to more functional utility and bathroom spaces. The extension reads as a garden pavilion, providing an impressive entrance courtyard and improved access to a peaceful, leafy garden beyond.

Sydnope Stand

 It’s not every day we get asked to design an extension to a castle!!!! Pre-application discussions with planning and conservation officers proved lengthy given that the former hunting lodge is within the original curtilage of the listed Sydnope Hall.

The modern extension is cut into the sloping site and appears subservient to the host building. The verticality of the façade treatment reflects the dense woodland surrounding the extension and views out of the living and bedroom spaces give the feeling of being in the tree canopy. A feature plywood wall brings the woodland inside.

Park Lane

An attractive Edwardian House had been ruined by unfortunate extensions to the rear and side so our clients took the bold decision to demolish these and replace with a better quality addition that would improve the aesthetics and function of the house. We felt it was important not to destroy the character of the original building, one of a pair, which made an important contribution to the conservation area.

We decided to continue the theme of brick boundary walls along the street to create a gated entrance and hidden courtyard. Behind this courtyard a narrow, two storey link joins the main extension, which returns to present a gable to the street. This allows the extension to read as a separate building to the main house and thereby preserving its double-fronted character.

Garden room

Our client’s front door opened directly into their kitchen. They wanted a porch, but, in their own words, “an interesting one”.

We looked at the house and the garden. There was an interesting view which the house design failed to capture, and an attractive tree on the front lawn.

We designed the porch to frame the new view with an angled wall opening up the space until it was big enough to fit a dining table. The angled wall means that the roof dips into the corner; this leaves a view of the tree from the house as well as the garden.

A large section of patent glazing over the kitchen window means that the space remains light and sunny.

Wirksworth swimming pool

 Wirksworth swimming pool is a much treasured community facility which is now in need of improvement. The facilities are cramped and access is difficult. There is no space outside the pool for viewing or waiting and this makes it difficult to open up the pool for wider community use.

A brief was drawn up after a public consultation process. An invitation to submit design ideas to extend and improve the pool was then sent to local Architects and we were chosen to help with the project.

The key issues we have addressed are accessibility, wider community use and sustainability.

Our design drawings and sketches are now being used to seek further funds to take the project to the next stage.